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Purdy, Clair Edward May 26, 1962 - April 17, 2024

Clair Edward Purdy, age 61, of Saegertown, died unexpectedly at his residence on Wednesday, April 17, 2024. Clair was born in Gowanda, NY on May 26, 1962, son of the late Gilbert Purdy and Betty Johnston Purdy. On December 7, 1985, he married Robin Lucille Kitelinger, and she survives.  Other family members include Kayla Purdy and James Kitelinger. 

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  1. REPLY
    Adah Ellis-Anderson says

    I’m sorry I missed you…
    You slipped away so quietly and quickly when no one was looking. You had a habit of doing things like that, and doing things that needed to be done…without much fuss. You’d figure a way through a problem. Making do with what you had…to do what you could, where you were, and asking nothing except maybe a mere “Thank You” in return. You’d do things in down pouring rain, in the snow and freezing cold, with sore broken fingers…often without gloves. Things like sawing and hauling wood for a hungry wood stoves, bailing and hauling hay for hungry beloved horses, changing brakes on a sister-in-law’s car cause she couldn’t afford the garage fees, changing water heaters, motors, tires, washing machines, water lines, you name it…fixing anything you could…even building a barn for your horses that needed shelter, and hauling them across country seemingly to smell the Texas air and return to the rolling hills of Pennsylvania’s Amish Paradise. You are the continuous moving forward, always onward THAT-IS-WHAT LIFE is all about…loving family. The man of “Qiutyourbitchin” camp, and “Get-R-Dun,” with each stride the swinging of the chain bolted to your big truck driver’s wallet tucked deep into your jeans back pocket you would move forward…
    You were my friend.
    So long hard worker and kind friend. Take a break. I’ll see you on the other side at Annie’s place, we’ll share a cup of coffee, and talk of old times again, and about those Hundred Sows and Bucks.

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