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Life, Death, and Grief

Your loved one’s passing has a significant impact on the people they touched.


Death is a “Life” Event

We have all recognized major events in the lives of our family and friends–births, baptisms, school achievements, job recognition, graduations, weddings, retirements, etc. However, the death of a loved one impacts us probably more than any other event in life.

A death causes each one of us to remember something of the past. We remember what the deceased did for us and what we did together. We laugh about the good times and remember the hard times as well.

A death also causes us to think about the present and the future. We make statements like,

  • “I’m going to go home and make sure my kids know that I love them.”
  • “I’m going to take that trip with my parents…it may be my last meaningful time with them.”
  • “I wonder if my wife knows how much I need her.”

Have you ever thought or said these things after leaving a funeral home?

Most importantly, we all think about our own lives…are we happy with what we’ve done? Who we are? How we act? We want to know about the hereafter and does God care for and love me? These vital thoughts are all brought to the surface at the time of a death.

We at the Van Matre Funeral Home believe that experiencing the death of someone close is a time for answering many of these questions. Please use this time to contemplate the value of the relationships you have with God, with your family, and with others.


Although grief can sometimes be manageable, particularly when death comes as a release from a long illness, often it is overwhelming. Dealing with grief in a healthy manner is the goal to keep in mind when choosing and planning funeral services.

At first, grief may cause you to experience shock or denial. Later, you might be angry or begin to put off your feelings or become depressed. Finally, hopefully, you will accept the reality of the death. The funeral becomes a service of remembrance and the recognition that a life has been lived and it will help you to recover from grief in a timely and healthy manner.

Facing the reality of the death through the process of visiting hours and a personalized funeral service allows you to follow the normal course.

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