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We can help you in pre-planning your funeral arrangements.


Making pre-arrangements involves 3 different steps, each of which is optional to you depending on how complete you want the funeral arrangements to be.

Step 1 involves completing vital statistic and biographical information which will be kept on file at the funeral home. This step insures that an accurate record will be used at the time of death for important documents such as the death certificate and obituary. By doing this ahead of time, you can assure complete accuracy with names, dates, and biographical information.

For step 2, we actually plan the complete funeral services just as if a death had already occurred. You choose the services and select the memorial products you want, and the total cost will be figured at the current prices. This information will be kept on file and may be referred to at the time of the actual death as a statement of desires. Nothing is definite or paid for and therefore, prices are not guaranteed.

Step 3, again optional, involves pre-paying the cost figured. There are different methods of doing this all of which can be discussed and will be carried out according to pertaining law. Simply, though, you can deposit money into a burial trust account which you can choose to make irrevocable or revocable, and guaranteed or not guaranteed, or you can purchase life insurance or an annuity. We will help you determine the best plan for your needs.

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